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     Large range of classic men's clothing | Suit, Tuxedo, Dress Shirts, Shoes...| women's dresses and accessories for sale and rental in Hawaii. Lowest prices in the USA! The high European quality! 

   MilaNiko Phil's Tux offers retail and rental of outstanding tuxedo, finest European men's suits, and formal men's accessories. Exquisite European wedding gowns are available for retail sale and rental as well. Professional alterations and designer expertise ensure the best look and fit for your event. We strive to provide you with great prices, fine European quality as well as efficient and friendly service with Aloha spirit. Be assured that you are getting the best from a locally owned and operated company.

     Unlike many other rental stores, we are open on Saturdays and are ready to supply almost any size and style to fulfill your wishes including dressing wedding groups. Our tuxedo and suit rentals include free rental of shirt, tie, vest, shoes, cummerbund, cuff links, and tuxedo buttons. Our retail price to own an outstanding men's suit is just a little higher in comparison to renting in most cases. Some of very similar or even the same suits, shirts and ties normally retail up to ten times higher in local department stores if you decide to compare fabric, signature European cut and unique stitching.

     Our company is working directly with large factories in Turkey and Ukraine that create exceptional men's suits for some French and Italian designer houses, among others. We offer suits and tuxedos that are skillfully crafted of luxurious fabrics made in Italy and Turkey such as 100% Wool/ Supper 150s and 80% Wool/ 20% Polyester. Most suits are wrinkle resistant and all pants are machine washable.

     Phil's Tux has been in business for 38 years. It has been voted Hawaii's Best Tuxedo Rental by the Honolulu Magazine, Best of Honolulu 2008 and continues upholding a high mark in service, quality and expertise. "Hundreds of thousands of local and visitor wedding ceremonies have been graced with trend-setting chic and sophistication from the Phil's Tux collections over the years."
Upon a recent planned retirement, Phil Grunenberg entrusted his business, Phil's Tux, to the new owner of his choice, MilaNiko Company. MilaNiko continues his legacy with utmost care of the Owner, Professional Tailor and Designer, Mila Troutman, and our expert Operation Manager, Bruce Shimizu, who has been operating Phil's Tux shops for the last eight years. Phil continues visiting the store once in while.

     Mila is the master craftsman in professional alterations and clothing design. She has a college degree in Tailoring And Design. At thirteen years of age, she started learning about an art of design and professional alteration from her mother, who was a professional tailor, well-known in her region. Mila has been designing men's suits for large factories in Turkey and Ukraine and has created her very own bridal collections that are now available for rent or retail. Mila truly escalates Phil's Tux assortment and experience with trendy European styles, high quality fabrics and affordable prices for some of the best tuxedos, suits, shirts, pants, ties and belts out there.

     According to wedding industry experts, Mila is one of a few women in U.S. who owns and manages a menswear store of such a scale as Phil's Tux.

     As for Bruce, he has been voted the number one in Hawaii's rental sales by the Honolulu Magazine, Best of Honolulu 2008. He is renown throughout the islands and several U.S. states for his amazing, professional skill of dressing men and women for various events and a personalized care he takes of each and every customer. He has twenty successful years of experience in formal wear industry. Twenty years ago, Bruce brought the neck tie back into menswear trends and received Academy Awards and New York Bridal Association recognition for it. If you want to know the latest trends and coordinate groom's and bride's outfits in the best way possible, you absolutely have to see Bruce. He has over ten years in bridal gown sales as well.

     MilaNiko trade mark combines two names, Mila and her son Nikolas. Nikolas provides our best factory connections in Europe, oversees quality of our shipments and processes wholesale orders for our customers. Due to this family collaboration, MilaNiko is enhancing Phil's Tux experience by adding an unprecedented advantage of menswear retail through direct relationship with some leading European factories and designers known for crafting high quality, modern formal tuxedos, suits, dressing pants, shirts, vests, ties, belts and other men's accessories in modern styles, colors and prints. MilaNiko is also servicing business to business wholesale orders fulfilled directly by European factories. In addition, we are able to offer mass production, provide private label service and design menswear based on your strict specifications. In addition, we can use your own patterns to create custom styles for your designer collection. Everything is crafted by finest European factories and is delivered to a port of your choice with our close guidance.

     Please contact us for wholesale details and pricelists.